Vertical SBX Cordless DECT Phone Model V10000
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What is the Vertical SBX Cordless DECT Phone Model V10000?

Vertical is one of the few remaining manufacturers to offer a tightly integrated cordless phone for it SBX digital phone system.  This cordless phone used DECT technology instead of the older 2.4Ghz for its wireless transmission.  This avoids the interference problems the older phones have with your Wi-Fi access.  DECT also gives you tremendous range which is further enhanced by the phone's separate access point.  Locate the access point for maximum coverage.

The phone has 8 programmable buttons, 4 can be used for line appearances to give you a handheld key telephone.  This is a great application for a mobile receptionist or a warehouse phone or for anyone, not tied to a desk. 

Installation is easy with the digital phone requiring a single pair of wires run from the Vertical SBX control unit to the access point.  No AC power required to drive the access point.  Then locate the phone where it is convenient for you and you're ready to go; literally.

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