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Businesses tend to get overwhelmed when making the switch to VoIP. TelcoDepot.com guarantees our customers a hassle-free transition to VoIP Phone Systems. We are experienced in VoIP Phone Systems, and we provide the expertise required to help our customers determine the best VoIP Phone Systems for their unique business needs.

TelcoDepot.com provides VoIP Phone Systems for every kind of business. We stock VoIP Phone Systems from major VoIP brands including Snom, Syspine, Allworx, Digium, Aastra, Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink and Skype phones.

Take a look at our comprehensive collection of Business Phone Systems and Call us on 1-800-390-1200 to discuss your purchase, or for technical assistance in making a selection. We are here for you. You can also email any inquiries to info@telcodepot.com

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  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7200 Starter Kit

    In stock

     OS 7200 Starter Kit

    Contains: Universal Cabinet, MP20 Card, Misc Card, SD card w/Software Program

    7200KIT 7200KIT
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,082.00
  • Samsung Officeserv 1GB SD Media Card with 7200 Software Program

    In stock


    1GB SD Media Card  with 7200 Software Program
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 109.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7200-S Starter Kit

    In stock


    OS 7200-S Starter Kit
    Contains: 7200 Cabinet, MP20S Card, SD card w/Software Program and 4 ports of Voice Mail
    7200-S KIT F-B-OS7200S-01 7200-S KIT F-B-OS7200S-01
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,890.00
  • Samsung 1 Year Support

    In stock

    Samsung 1 Year Support

    SS-7100 SS-7100
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 499.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7100 Small Business System Package - DS

    In stock


    OS 7100 Small Business System Package - DS
    Includes: 1 ea-OS7100 System Cabinet, 1 ea-MP10a Processor Card, 1 ea OS7100SD10a Card, 1 ea. UNI Card, 1 ea.- 4TRM Card, 2 ea. 4DLM Card, 5 ea-DS21B Keysets
    When using IP Telephony Applications (IP Keysets, WAP, SPNet) with this Package, MGI channels must be licensed.  Please see the OfficeServ Applications section of this form.
    SE-7102 OS71DSPKG10A
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,985.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7100 SIP Pkg

    In stock
    OS7100 SIP Pkg - Includes: 1 ea System Cabinet, 1 ea. MP10a Main Processor with four (4) MGI Licenses, 1 ea OS7100SD10a Card, 1 ea. UNI Card, 1 ea 4DLM Interface Module,  4 ea. 21B DS Digital Keysets, 4 ea. SIP Trunk Licenses
    SE-7101 OS7100SIPPKG
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,800.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS7100 1GB Media Card with software for MP10

    In stock

     1GB Multimedia Plus card which stores system program control 

    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 65.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7030 Starter Kit

    In stock


    OS 7030 Starter Kit
    Includes:  7030 KSU  w/Software Program, 2 ports of Auto Attendant, 1 ea. 4DM and 3 ea. DS-5014D digital keysets, and 2 single line ports
    7030 KIT F-B-OS7030-01 7030 KIT F-B-OS7030-01
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 890.00

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Vertical SBX IP - 3x8 KSU / 3 Phones Package (4003-13)

$ 750.00 from TelcoDepot.com Reviews 201 Reviews

3 x 8 Basic KSU with (3) 24-Button Digital Telephone Bundle package includes 3 x 8 Basic KSU with Power Supply, 3 CO Line, 1 Digital Station, and 7 Hybrid Stations. In addition, this bundle includes (3) 24-Button Digital Telephones.

Avaya IP500 server with 4 Lines and 8 VoIP Phones Bundle

$ 4,149.00 from TelcoDepot.com Reviews 201 Reviews

This is all you need for an AVAYA IP500 phone system with 4 FXO incoming lines and 8 Avaya 9620L IP phones. This is a complete phone system with Avaya Essential edition.

Allworx 6x VoIP Business Phone System with 4 of the 9224 phones

$ 2,996.00 from TelcoDepot.com Reviews 201 Reviews

This is the base unit for the 6x system with 4 9224 Allworx Phones. It supports 30 users with voicemail and can be expanded to 60 users with an optional license.

Xblue X16 System with 4 Phones Budget Package VB

$ 619.88 from TelcoDepot.com Reviews 201 Reviews

XBlue - Multi Line - With Caller ID - With Speakerphone - With Display. X16 Small office phone system is an easy to install Digital small office telephone system that comes equipped with the X16 Voice Server and four 6 line X16 Digital speakerphones in the fashion color- Vivid Blue.

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