Benefits of Choosing the Xblue x16 Phone System

Xblue X16 Phone System - Expandable to 6 Lines & 16 Telephones

The Xblue X16 small business phone system offers its users significant benefits including ease of installation, programming and use.

The x16 Key System is an excellent basic system for the company wanting big system features but at a budget price and is very easy to install. If you are looking at purchasing 2, 3 or 4 line phones at an office supply store then you should consider investing a few dollars more and having a true voicemail, automated attendant, hands free answer back on intercom and BLF/DSS buttons to see what others are doing in your office.

This system is designed specifically for an office environment with between 2 to 6 lines and 16 or fewer users that needs to handle basic telephone services: make a call, take a call, put a call on hold and have someone pick up the line at another extension; page individuals or intercom extensions with hands free answer-back. For big system features the X16 has a basic Automated Attendant and Voicemail.

X16 out of the box is equipped to bring 4 incoming lines and will connect up to 16 proprietary X16 phones. With the addition of an optional board you can add 2 more incoming lines for a total of 6. Installation is a snap with a single small package for the control unit, that can either sit on a shelf or be mounted to a wall. Just plug in the box, plug up the phones, plug in the telephone lines and start using the system.

The savings of design and simplicity of installation stems from the shared 4-phone connector which shares four stations over one splitter. This also simplifies the wiring so that each connection to the phone system is terminated serially to connect four telephones. In simple terms you connect the first telephone then run wire from the first to the second and make the same connection, then the second to third and finally third to fourth telephone. This is very easy if you have a small office and you need to run cable anyway. This differs from a traditional telephone system where every telephone has to have a wire home run to the control unit. To keep this from confusing you, please refer to our very thorough wiring guide.

Programming of the system and the stations is even simpler than the installation and cabling. There is minimal system programming consisting of mainly setting up the voice mail Automated Attendant and changing any of the default timers of the system. All programming is done via any telephone in the system so no connection to a pc or website is necessary. Most of the station programming takes place at the individual telephone and is likewise extremely easy.

The purchase of your Xblue X16 phone system comes with a 1-year manufacturers hardware warranty and 1-year of free technical support from Xblue's US based technical support team.

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